Health links
I think that there’s a lot of really interesting information that people should know about organic and unhomogenised milks so I’ve unearthed a multitude of related sites which look into health and animal welfare issues. Visit our website to access these links. I think they make interesting reading, I hope you do too. Please note that the research and opinions expressed in any of these sites are not those of Hardwicke farm.

For a scientific view of milk and the pros and cons of the processing of it:

Homogenised milk: some research on the serious health risks of meddling with nature in this way:

Understanding the different types of fats in our diets. Milk, butter and cream contain the best type of fat with immune enhancing properties which are easily used as energy making them unlikely to cause
weight gain:

The effect of a cows diet upon the constituents of her milk: Pasture versus grain.

Foodmiles:The distance our food travels has a direct effect on both the environment and local economies. Buying local, traceable produce makes sense for a sustainable future.

Nutritional information of organic milk:

Omega 3:the research behind the claims
Organic: The general picture: