Our milks

Our milk is not only organic and totally traceable but it is also not homogenized. This simply means that we do not process the milk by forcing it under extreme pressure through tiny holes. Doing this alters the milkís natural composition, potentially affecting the way that we digest the milk and in our opinion does not taste as nice.
We bottle the milk our ladies produce at our own dairy on the farm and deliver it to a range of farm shops, independent deliís, restaurants and health shops. Anywhere where customers appreciate the quality, taste and health benefits of an organic, non-homogenised milk.

We sell one litre bottles of the following; Skimmed, Semi Skimmed, Whole and Special Breakfast. Whilst the 1st three are probably familiar "Special Breakfast" is our own non standardised milk, giving a creamier taste.

As well as milk we also produce cream, yoghurt and kefir.

Our cream is available in 250m pots as Single, Double and Extra Thick. You will probably notice that our cream tends to be a little thicker than normal cream.
Our luxurious natural yoghurt is made by hand from
our own milk, we feel the end product is a divine and sumptuous live yoghurt. Our yoghurt is avaiable in either 250ml or 500ml pots.

Our latest product is our Kefir,
a cultured milk drink containing a gut biome
boosting range of lactic acids and yeasts.To find out
more please visit our dedicated website: